The Beacon

The Beacon offers living accomodation that has been thoughtfully and tastefully devised to provide its residents with an environment that is both relax- ing and comfortable. At MNRA Healthcare it is of paramount importance to us that our residents lead a happy and fulfilling life, no matter what their dis- position or diagnosis, the layout and facilities provided have been designed with this thought in mind.

The living environment at The Beacon supports peronalisation and individuality, and every aspect of care provision is uniquely designed to best meet the needs of each resident. Each appartment is equipped with the following facilities: - Bathroom with Shower and Bath - An open plan living area, with a large space to eat, relax and watch television - Full cooking and washing facilities - Wifi

Self Contained Flats: We have on offer 12 Vacancies - 6 x Two Bedroom Appartments with shared facilities at the Beacon Available immediately. Accommodation includes large flats with a separate lockable bedroom, living area, batchroom and kitchen with 24 Hour Support, including accomodation for sleep in/wake in support.

Personalised Care: We offer specialised, bespoke quality health care services to help improve the lives of adults diagnosed with complex health needs such as Autism, Personality disorders, Aspergers, ADHD and Learning disabilities with recognised Autistic traits.

1. Kitchen and Lounge Area - open plan shared facilities between 2 tenants

2. Individual Bedroom - with option of a single or double bed

3. Shared Space - access space to individual bedrooms and shared areas.

4. Shared Bathroom - toilet, shower over bath and wash basin.